Scream Kitten Starter Pack - Loud Orange

Scream Kitten Starter Pack - Loud Orange

Scream Kitten Starter Pack - Loud Orange

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The kitten starter kit you've described seems to include a variety of essential items to help ensure your new feline friend has a comfortable and enjoyable transition to their new home. Here's a breakdown of the items in the kit:

  1. Rectangle Litter Tray (Loud Orange): A litter tray is a fundamental item for kittens and cats. It provides them with a designated area for their bathroom needs.

  2. Litter Scoop (Loud Orange): A litter scoop is a handy tool for cleaning and maintaining the litter tray. It allows you to easily remove clumps and waste.

  3. Scream Oval Cat Bowl (Loud Orange): A cat bowl is essential for providing food and water to your kitten. The oval shape is designed for convenience and easy access for your pet.

  4. Scream Orb Tower (Loud Pink/Orange): The "Scream Orb Tower" is likely a toy or activity center designed to engage your kitten's playful instincts. It provides entertainment and exercise.

  5. Scream Incline Scratcher: Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, and a scratching post or incline scratcher helps your kitten satisfy this instinct while also keeping their claws healthy.

  6. Scream Cardboard Roller (Orange): Cardboard rollers are often used as scratching posts and play toys for kittens. They can provide entertainment and help with scratching.

  7. Scream 4 Pack Mice: These are likely toy mice that your kitten can bat around, chase, and pounce on, which are great for stimulating their hunting instincts.

  8. Scream Reflective Nylon Cat Collar (Loud Orange): A collar can be a practical accessory for your kitten, especially if you plan to let them explore outdoors. The reflective feature can enhance their visibility in low light.

Overall, this starter kit appears to cover the basic needs of a new kitten, including feeding, litter, play, and safety. It's a thoughtful way to ensure your kitten's early days in their new home are comfortable and enjoyable. Shop now at Pupnpussy Pet Store.

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