Kong Active Tennis Balls Cat Toy

Kong Active Tennis Balls Cat Toy

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The KONG Cat Tennis Balls With Bells are fantastic toys designed to provide engaging and interactive play for your cat. With their unique features and durable construction, these tennis balls are sure to become a favorite in your cat's toy collection.

Key Features:

1. Pack of 3 Balls: The pack includes three tennis balls, giving you plenty of options for playtime and ensuring that your cat always has a spare ball to chase and bat around.

2. Non-Abrasive Felt Material: The tennis balls are made from non-abrasive felt, making them safe on your cat's teeth during play. Your cat can confidently pounce and chase the balls without harming their teeth.

3. Built-in Bells: Each ball includes a built-in bell inside, which emits a pleasant jingling sound during play. The sound of the bell adds an extra layer of excitement and encourages your cat to interact and play with the balls.

4. Brightly Colored: The balls come in bright colors, making them easy to spot both indoors and outdoors. The vibrant colors also catch your cat's attention, stimulating their curiosity and enticing them to play.

5. Appeals to Natural Instincts: The KONG Cat Tennis Balls With Bells are designed to appeal to your cat's natural instincts to play, pounce, and chase. The interactive playtime will keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated, promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle.

6. Promotes Daily Exercise: By encouraging your cat to play, fetch, and exercise with these tennis balls, you are promoting daily physical activity. Regular exercise helps keep your cat fit, maintain a healthy weight, and prevent boredom-related behavior issues.

Treat your furry friend to hours of fun and play with the KONG Cat Tennis Balls With Bells. The combination of the non-abrasive felt, built-in bells, and appealing colors makes these balls a must-have for interactive playtime. Watch your cat pounce, chase, and enjoy engaging with these delightful tennis balls, keeping them entertained and active all day long.

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