Lamb Ziwi Peak Gently Air Dried
Lamb Ziwi Peak Gently Air Dried

Lamb Ziwi Peak Gently Air Dried


ZiwiPeak is real meat, heart, lung, liver, kidney, cold-washed green tripe and bone, hoki fish and green-lipped mussels, with selected vitamins and minerals.


Lamb meat is slightly higher in essential fats than some other meats. So ZiwiPeak air-dried Lamb is well suited for:

  • Dogs that are underweight and need to add bulk and condition.
  • Growing puppies needing extra energy.
  • Dogs recovering from injury or sickness.
  • Dogs that have allergy issues from grains and carbohydrates.
  • Dogs that have suffered from digestion issues.
  • Dogs that suffer from Renal issues such as; chronic renal failure, urinary crystals, kidney failure, pancreatitis, IBS & IBD.

ZiwiPeak is air dried for your convenience and comes from the cleanest, greenest New Zealand Pastures and oceans. Nothing is added but natural goodness and essential vitamins and minerals.

Think of it as a fully-balanced, wild-prey diet for your dog or cat. It's what dogs and cats would-if they could-call perfect daily feeding. It's what we call unconditional love.

And our air-drying process minimises damage to the sensitive proteins, nutrients, enzymes and vitamins, so that the raw nutritional values are preserved.

With over 95% digestibility, your pet gets every morsel of goodness. You’ll see the difference in the animal’s well-being – in an altogether happier, healthier, thriving pet.