Tuffy Desert Creatures - Phrog Leaping

Tuffy Desert Creatures - Phrog Leaping

Tuffy Desert Creatures - Phrog Leaping

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The Tuffy Desert Creatures Phrog Leaping toy is designed to be your dog's new favorite playmate. Here are some key features and details about this durable and interactive dog toy:

  • Tuffscale Rating: This toy has a Tuff-Scale rating of 8, indicating its durability and toughness. It's made to withstand vigorous play and chewing, making it a suitable choice for dogs that love interactive play.

  • Materials: The toy is constructed with multiple layers of material. It has a strong nylon interior for added durability and a soft fleece exterior that's gentle on your dog's mouth.

  • Sewn for Strength: All layers of fabric in this toy are sewn together to create one super-strong layer of material. This helps ensure the toy can stand up to rough play.

  • Squeaker Safety: The squeakers in Tuffy toys are attached with protective pockets for extra safety. This design helps prevent your dog from easily accessing and removing the squeaker, which can be a choking hazard in some toys.

  • Washable and Floats: This toy is not only tough but also easy to clean. It's machine washable, which is convenient for keeping it fresh after playtime. Additionally, it's designed to float, making it a great toy for water play.

  • Size: The Phrog Leaping toy measures approximately 20cm x 30cm x 6cm, providing a substantial play surface for your dog.

Overall, the Tuffy Desert Creatures Phrog Leaping toy is built to withstand active play and is suitable for interactive games with your dog. Its durability and safety features make it a popular choice for pet owners looking for sturdy and engaging toys for their furry companions. Shop now at Pupnpussy Pet store.

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