The Butcher's Dog Lamb & Beef
The Butcher's Dog Lamb & Beef

The Butcher's Dog Lamb & Beef


Lamb and Beef

1.55Kg - 6 discs 

With a higher fat content, this is a great variety for active dogs or dogs that need to gain some weight.


Real food for dogs. Just high quality 100% Australian meat with no cheap filler ingredients, additives or preservatives. It's what dogs were born to eat. Made with human-grade ingredients. 


Product arrives frozen. Store in the freezer, defrost in the fridge and use within 3 days (safe to defrost, portion and refreeze).

Thoroughly defrost before feeding as feeding frozen or semi-frozen food is not advised, especially for puppies. You may need to leave it in a covered container on the bench for a short time to fully defrost.

Suitable for puppies and adult dogs as part of a raw diet. Always feed a variety of proteins from across our range for balanced nutrition. We recommend rotating through at least 4 meat types plus our Vegetable and Fruit supplement.

50% Australian Chunky Beef

30%Australian Lamb

Lamb Liver 10%

Crushed Bone 10%


Protein: 15.8% | Fat: 16.2% | Moisture: 65.8% | Fibre: 1.2 % | Ash (inorganic matter): 1.0%