Rogz Utility Step-In Harness - Blue

Rogz Utility Step-In Harness - Blue

Rogz Utility Step-In Harness - Blue

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Rogz Utility Classic Harnesses: The Ultimate Control and Comfort for Your Pup!

Walking your dog should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend. That's where Rogz Utility Classic Harnesses come in. These harnesses are thoughtfully designed to provide you with maximum control while keeping your dog comfortable and safe. Here's why they're a fantastic choice:

Stop-Pull Steering Control: One of the standout features of Rogz Utility Classic Harnesses is the front chest lead attachment. This allows you to use any of our Multi leads for the added benefit of Stop-Pull steering control. If your dog tends to pull during walks, this feature makes it easier to redirect their attention and discourage pulling behavior.

Fully Adjustable: These harnesses are designed to adjust to a comfortable fit for your dog. A well-fitted harness ensures that your dog can move freely without any chafing or discomfort. You can tailor it to your dog's unique size and shape, providing a snug yet comfortable fit.

Padded for Comfort: Comfort is key, and Rogz understands that. That's why these harnesses are padded to provide extra comfort and support. Your dog can wear them for extended periods without any irritation or discomfort.

Highly Reflective Stitching: Safety is paramount, especially during nighttime walks. These harnesses feature highly reflective stitching. This specialized stitching incorporates reflective yarn into the webbing, significantly improving your dog's visibility in low-light conditions. This added visibility helps keep your dog safe during evening walks.

Two-Point Steering: Rogz Utility Classic Harnesses offer behavior correction through two-point steering. This means you have greater control over your dog's movements, making it easier to guide them and keep them on track during walks.

Versatile Design: These harnesses are not just for walks. They are designed to function seamlessly with our Car-safe Seat Belt Clips, ensuring your dog's safety during car rides. Additionally, they can be comfortably worn beneath our dog jackets with lead attachment openings, providing a hassle-free experience for you and your pup.

Rogz Utility Classic Harnesses are all about control, comfort, and safety. Say goodbye to pulling and discomfort during walks, and say hello to enjoyable, stress-free strolls with your canine companion! Shop now at Pupnpussy Pet store.

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