Prime 100 SKD Air Duck & Sweet Potato Dog Food - 600g

Prime 100 SKD Air Duck & Sweet Potato Dog Food - 600g

Prime 100 SKD Air Duck & Sweet Potato Dog Food - 600g

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Prime 100 SKG Skin And Growth Grain Free Single Protein Air Dried Duck And Sweet Potato All Life Stages Dry Dog Food Promotes Optimal Health And Wellbeing
  • An Australian made and owned, complete and balanced diet for dogs of all ages who require a hypoallergenic diet due to food sensitivities
  • Vitamins and minerals in ratios suitable for optimal growth and development including large and giant breed puppies 
  • A hypoallergenic, grain-free, single meat protein formula, air-dried to perfection
  • Veterinary recommended

Skin And Growth

  • The SKG200F range contains precise ingredients to support your dog’s skin and promotes healthy growth and development
  • Hypoallergenic with functional ingredients to control food sensitivities, including a novel protein and prebiotic fibre
  • Controlled levels of calcium and phosphorus are ideal for large + giant breed dogs and growing puppies

Quality Ingredients

  • Made with functional, fresh ingredients, including Australian duck, sweet potato, carrot, omega oils, tapioca, apple, and parsley  
  • 100% natural and contains no artificial food colourings, additives, or preservatives
  • No GMOs, gluten, grains, rice, wheat, corn, or barley

Key Health Indications*

  • The precise formula may assist with health conditions including: IBD, Gastritis, Enteritis, Colitis, Food Aversion, Food Responsive Entropathy, Dermatitis, Inappentence, and canines below a healthy weight

Air Dried

  • A controlled dehydration process preserves the nutrients and rich flavour of the ingredients 
  • The air-drying procedure removes moisture, along with undesirable particles from the food to allow the body to absorb the finest nutrients for optimal health
  • Slow-drying at a low temperature enhances the bioavailability of the ingredients - nutrients are often lost when processed at high temperatures 

Single Meat Protein & Grain Free

  • The grain-free, single meat formula is great for dogs with sensitives or allergies to grains and specific meat sources  

Skin And Coat Health

  • High in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Omega fatty acids can also reduce the effects of dermatitis

Digestive Health

  • Contains natural prebiotics and probiotics (bacillus subtilis) to promote gastrointestinal function and a healthy gut microbiome
  • Sweet potato – a great source of fibre to support digestion
  • A greater uptake of nutrients promotes firm, healthy stools in reduced quantity – makes pick-up time much easier!

Joint Health

  • Contains chondroitin and glucosamine - shown to promote strong joints and good mobility
  • Omega 3 fatty acids, including ALA from flaxseed and DHA + EPA from algae oil, help to reduce inflammation which is a common factor in joint health issues, including arthitis

Bone And Muscle Health

  • Contains calcium and zinc for strong bones
  • Optimal protein content encourages lean muscle maintenance

Eye Health

  • Sweet potato contains beta carotene which is shown to support healthy eyes and good vision


  • *If your dog experiences these health conditions, it is recommended to consult your veterinarian for advice
  • Suitable for puppies from 16 weeks of age
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