Poop Bags Compostable Plant Based Eco Friendly - 120 Pack

Poop Bags Compostable Plant Based Eco Friendly - 120 Pack

Poop Bags Compostable Plant Based Eco Friendly - 120 Pack

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Introducing The Original Poop Bags® Countdown Rolls®: The Ultimate Convenience in Dog Waste Management!

We understand the importance of being prepared when taking your furry friend on a walk. That's why we've designed the world's first individually numbered dog waste bags – The Original Poop Bags® Countdown Rolls®. With these innovative poop bags, you'll always stay one step ahead of your pet's needs.

Key Features:

1. Numbered Convenience: Our poop bags come numbered from 15 to 1 on each roll. This unique feature ensures you're always aware of when it's time to grab another roll before heading out.

2. Pack Contents: Each pack contains 8 rolls, with 15 poop bags per roll, totaling 120 compostable bags. Sized at 22.86 x 33 cm, these bags are ready for any task.

3. Compostable Composition: Made from a blend of corn, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers, these bags are 100% compostable and carry the OK Compost certification. They meet the ASTM D6400 standard for commercial composting.

4. Strong and Leak-Proof: Our poop bags are not only large and thick but also leak-proof. They can hold water for over 7 days without any issues, making them reliable for your pet's waste.

5. Smooth Yet Durable: The silky smooth texture of these bags doesn't compromise on strength or puncture resistance, ensuring hassle-free use.

6. Versatile Applications: These bags are ideal for your pantry, garage, doggy daycare, dog walkers, and even cat owners for litter box clean up.

7. Easy Dispensing: The poop bags fit The Original Poop Bags Hydrant Dispenser and most leash bag dispensers, offering convenient accessibility.

8. Scent Options: Choose between original and orange-scented bags to suit your preferences.

Stay ahead of your pet's needs with The Original Poop Bags® Countdown Rolls® – a practical and eco-friendly solution for responsible pet owners. With our bags, waste management becomes a breeze, contributing to a cleaner environment with each use. Shop now at Pupnpussy Pet store.

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