Kong Wild Knots Giraffe

Kong Wild Knots Giraffe

Kong Wild Knots Giraffe

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KONG Wild Knots toys offer a delightful combination of softness and durability, making them a fantastic choice for your canine companion. Here are the key features and details of KONG Wild Knots toys:

1. Soft Exterior: KONG Wild Knots toys feature a soft and cuddly exterior that is perfect for snuggling and playtime.

2. Rope Skeleton: The durability of these toys comes from an internal knotted rope skeleton. This design satisfies dogs' natural instincts to chew and tug, providing both mental and physical stimulation.

3. Minimal Stuffing: These toys are designed with minimal stuffing, which means less mess around your home. The focus is on the satisfying play experience rather than excessive stuffing.

4. Long-Lasting Fun: The combination of a plush exterior and a sturdy rope skeleton ensures that these toys are soft yet durable, providing long-lasting entertainment for your dog.

5. Crinkles and Squeaks: To enhance the play experience, KONG Wild Knots toys are designed with crinkles and squeakers. These features add extra excitement and engagement during playtime.

6. Product Dimensions: KONG Wild Knots toys are available in two sizes, each with its respective dimensions:
- Small/Medium: 20 x 18cm
- Medium/Large: 27 x 24cm

Whether your dog loves to snuggle, tug, or chew, KONG Wild Knots toys offer a versatile and entertaining option that caters to their natural instincts while minimizing mess and maximizing fun. Shop now at Pupnpussy Pet Store.
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