Kong Tropics Flamingo 2 Pack Cat Toy

Kong Tropics Flamingo 2 Pack Cat Toy

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The KONG Cat Tropics Flamingo 2-Pack is a delightful set of cat toys that will provide your feline friend with hours of fun and entertainment. With two toys included in the pack, your cat can enjoy double the excitement and have different ways to engage and play with their toys.

Key Features:

1. Long Legs and Inviting Neck: The Flamingo toy features long legs and an inviting neck that is designed to entice your cat into drag-and-capture play. Cats will love pouncing, chasing, and capturing the flamingo, satisfying their natural hunting instincts.

2. Crackling Material: The toy comes with crackling material that adds an extra element of fun and stimulation for your cat. The crackling sound will keep your cat engaged and intrigued, making playtime even more enjoyable.

3. Lightweight Pineapple: The Tropics Flamingo also includes a lightweight pineapple that is perfect for batting and swatting. The dangling pineapple adds an element of unpredictability to playtime, encouraging your cat to interact and play.

4. Interactive Play Variety: With two toys in the pack, the Tropics Flamingo provides double the play variety. Your cat can switch between playing with the long-legged flamingo or batting at the lightweight pineapple, keeping playtime interesting and engaging.

5. Treat Dispensing: For even more excitement, you can add treats or catnip to the toys. This will reward your cat's play and provide them with a satisfying and rewarding experience.

Size Guide: The KONG Cat Tropics Flamingo 2-Pack measures 19 x 22 x 26cm, making it a suitable size for cats to play with comfortably.

Bring the tropical fun to your cat's playtime with the KONG Cat Tropics Flamingo 2-Pack. Watch as your cat chases, pounces, and interacts with these engaging toys, providing them with both physical and mental stimulation. With the option to add treats or catnip, the fun never ends, making these toys an endless source of enjoyment for your feline companion.

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