Kong Snuzzles Kiddos Teddy Bear Dog Toy - Small Brown

Kong Snuzzles Kiddos Teddy Bear Dog Toy - Small Brown

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The KONG Snuzzles Teddy Bear is designed to provide your dog with hours of playful entertainment and comfort. Here are its features and benefits:


  1. Full-Body Squeaker: This plush toy is equipped with a large, full-body squeaker that emits a long and loud squeak when your dog plays with it. The squeaking sound adds an element of excitement and engagement to playtime.

  2. Dense Mouthfeel: The toy has a dense mouthfeel, which means it's satisfying for your dog to chew on. Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs, and this toy helps fulfill that instinct in a fun and safe way.

  3. Super Soft Plush: The plush material used in this toy is super soft, making it perfect for snuggling and comforting your dog. Dogs often seek soft objects for comfort, and this toy provides just that.

  4. Flat Shape: The toy has a flat shape, which makes it easy for small dogs to grab and play with. It's designed to be accessible and enjoyable for dogs of various sizes.

  5. Bear Character: The toy is shaped like a teddy bear, adding an element of familiarity and fun to play. Dogs often form attachments to their toys, and the bear character can become a beloved companion for your pet.

  6. Indoor Fun: This toy is ideal for indoor play, making it a great choice for keeping your dog entertained and active while indoors.

Product Sizing:

  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 14cm

Overall, the KONG Snuzzles Teddy Bear is a versatile and engaging toy that can provide both entertainment and comfort to your dog. However, always supervise your dog during playtime to ensure their safety, especially if they are prone to chewing or tearing apart toys. Shop now at Pupnpussy Pet store.

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