Kong Snuzzles Kiddos Elephant Dog Toy - Small Blue

Kong Snuzzles Kiddos Elephant Dog Toy - Small Blue

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The KONG Snuzzles Kiddos Elephant Small Plush Squeak Toy is a delightful addition to your dog's toy collection. Here are its key features and benefits:

Key Features:

  1. Soft and Cuddly: This elephant toy is covered in beautiful plush material, making it incredibly soft and cuddly. Dogs often seek comfort from soft and snuggly toys, and this one is designed for just that.

  2. Hidden Squeaker: Inside the toy, there's a hidden squeaker that adds an element of fun and engagement to playtime. The squeaker encourages your dog's curiosity and playfulness.

  3. Versatile Play: This elephant is suitable for both active play and as a bedtime companion. It provides options for different types of play, from interactive games to cuddling.

  4. Flat and Lightweight Design: The toy has a flat, lightweight design, making it easy for your dog to carry around the home and toss during playtime. It's designed for interactive fun.

  5. Mental and Physical Stimulation: Interactive play with this toy provides both mental and physical stimulation for your dog. It engages their mind and helps keep them active and healthy.

  6. Satisfies Instincts: Dogs have primitive instincts to run, chase, fetch, jump, hunt, and play. Toys like this elephant can help satisfy these instincts through safe and enjoyable play.

  7. Gentle Play: While the toy is durable, it's best suited for gentle play and is ideal for dogs that enjoy softer, plush toys.

Dimensions (Approximate):

  • Height: 17cm
  • Width: 14cm
  • Depth: 6cm

Please note that dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly.

The KONG Snuzzles Kiddos Elephant Small Plush Squeak Toy is designed to provide your dog with hours of entertainment and comfort. As with any toy, it's important to supervise your dog during play and ensure that the toy is in good condition to prevent any potential choking hazards. Shop now at Pupnpussy Pet store.

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