Kong Cactus Wrangler Cat Toy

Kong Cactus Wrangler Cat Toy

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The KONG Wrangler Cactus is a unique and entertaining cat toy designed to engage your feline friend's natural instincts and provide endless hours of fun. With its long and robust build, this toy encourages full-body wrestling and play, keeping your cat entertained and active.

Key Features:

1. Full-Body Wrestling: The long and plush body of the KONG Wrangler Cactus is perfect for encouraging full-body wrestling and interactive play. Cats will love pouncing on and grappling with this unique toy.

2. Crackling Pot: The base of the cactus is made from crackling material, which adds an exciting texture to the toy and piques your cat's hunting instincts. The crackling sound will keep your cat engaged and interested during playtime.

3. Tethered Design: The cactus toy features a tethered design that allows for playful catching and grabbing behaviors. Your cat will enjoy the challenge of trying to catch and hold onto the toy.

4. Treat Dispensing: The cactus can be used as a treat dispensing toy by adding treats or catnip in the pot on top. This adds an extra layer of excitement and rewards your cat for interacting with the toy.

5. Endless Fun: You can also tether the KONG Wrangler Cactus with other toys to prevent toy loss and create a more dynamic play experience for your cat. Additionally, you can add KONG's Premium Catnip to make the cactus an even more irresistible and long-lasting source of entertainment.

Size Guide: The KONG Wrangler Cactus measures 40 x 26 x 33cm, providing the perfect size for your cat to engage in exciting play sessions.

Give your furry companion the KONG Wrangler Cactus, and watch as they explore, wrestle, and play with this unique and stimulating toy. Whether your cat enjoys solo play or interactive games with you, the Wrangler Cactus is sure to become a favorite in your cat's toy collection.

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