K9 Natural Freeze Dried Hoki and Beef Feast

K9 Natural Freeze Dried Hoki and Beef Feast


500g pouch makes up 2kg of food

Designed by Nature - Made in New Zealand

K9 Natural is made with love...just add water. Every batch is handmade in K9's New Zealand kitchen by a passionate team who genuinely care about creating a product of the highest quality.

Dogs all over the world thrive on K9 Natural, enjoying the taste and health benefits of a premium natural diet.

K9 Natural's unique core blend contains

  •  90% meat from a single source protein
  •  5% New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels, Eggs
  •  5% Fruit & Vegetables, Vitamins & Minerals
  •  0% Grain, Gluten, GMO, Corn, Soy, Cereals, Dairy, Rice, Potato or Other Fillers

    K9 Natural is ideal for

    • allergy prone dogs
    • promoting healthy coat and skin
    • helping to support weight management
    • providing a high meat diet naturally containing a high omega 3 to low omega 6 ratio
    • helping to improve inflammatory conditions that can affect a dog’s joints and skin
    • all dogs and all breeds

    K9 Natural believes in the highest standards

    Nothing is more important to K9 Natural than the safety and quality of their food. That is why they refuse to use anything other than the finest ingredients and highest standard production methods.

    All K9 wholefood products are sources in New Zealand, are of human-grade quality and can be traced directly back to the farm.

    All K9 red-meat is free range, grass-fed and naturally free from hormone growth promotants. All K9 chicken and eggs in K9 Natural recipes are cage-free and K9 also prides itself on only sourcing sustainable seafood.

    Each batch of K9 Natural is tested, meets all AAFCO requirements and is approved for export globally.