K9 Natural Freeze Dried - Hoki and Beef Feast

K9 Natural Freeze Dried - Hoki and Beef Feast

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K9 Natural Freeze-Dried Dog Food: Nature's Best in Every Bite

K9 Natural Freeze-Dried Dog Food offers pet owners a convenient and nutritious way to provide their dogs with a high-meat diet. This freeze-dried food is designed to be easy to store and transport, making it a versatile option for feeding your furry friend.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High in Meat: K9 Natural Freeze-Dried Dog Food is packed with New Zealand wholefood ingredients, including grass-fed, free-range beef and sustainably caught fish. It provides a rich source of meat-based proteins, aligning with your dog's genetic predisposition for a meat-rich diet.

  • Versatile Usage: This freeze-dried food can be rehydrated by adding water, turning it into a complete meal. Alternatively, you can sprinkle it over your dog's existing diet as a nutrient-dense, high-meat topper.

  • Grain-Free: K9 Natural is made without grain, wheat, gluten, GMO ingredients, corn, soy, cereals, dairy, rice, potato, or any other fillers. It's a clean and natural option for your dog's diet.

  • Highly Palatable: Dogs are naturally drawn to the rich and authentic flavors of K9 Natural, making it a highly palatable choice. Even picky eaters are likely to enjoy this food.

  • Quality Ingredients: The food is made from grass-fed, free-range meat and sustainably caught fish. These ingredients provide essential proteins and fats, giving your dog a natural source of energy to thrive.

  • Inspired by Nature, Guided by Science: K9 Natural aims to capture the essence of nature's best ingredients while ensuring nutritional balance through scientific guidance. It meets all AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) requirements for your peace of mind.

  • Minimally Processed: K9 Natural recipes are minimally processed and free from fillers, legumes, GMO ingredients, starch, or preservatives. This means you're giving your dog a clean and wholesome meal.

Whether you choose to serve it as a complete meal or a tasty topper, K9 Natural Freeze-Dried Dog Food offers the nutrition and flavors that dogs love while aligning with their evolutionary dietary preferences. Shop now at Pupnpussy Pet store.

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