FoundMyAnimal New York Rope/Leather Collar Orange

FoundMyAnimal New York Rope/Leather Collar Orange



FoundMyAnimal Orange rope and leather collars are hand dyed and crafted in Brooklyn, NY.

Orange is the color of animal protection awareness. The color is perfect for calling attention to and inspiring conversations about this most important topic. 

FoundMyAnimal likes sourcing close to home. Each rope and leather collar is hand made from domestic leather and U.S. manufactured marine-grade rope.

All hardware is 100% solid brass.

Attached to each collar is a stamped FOUND tag, a reminder of rescue animals everywhere.

Collar sizes

Size Weight Length Rope Thickness
S Dog



2.0-5.4 kg

2.3-5.4 kg

19-24 cm

25-33 cm

8 mm

8 mm

M Dog M 5.4-13.6 kg 32-38 cm 10 mm
L Dog L 13.6-18.1 kg  38-46 cm 14 mm
XL Dog XL 18.1 kg + 48-57 cm 14 mm