EzyDog X-Link Harness - Black

EzyDog X-Link Harness - Black

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The X-Link is a front clip dog harness with leash attachment points situated on both the front and rear of the harness. The front clip is best for dog training and teaching your dog to not pull on the leash, whereas the rear D-ring allows the X-Link to be used as a standard dog walking harness.   

The X-Link harness has been designed with one goal in mind - to help you enjoy a more comfortable walking experience with your dog. The front clip offers the training and behavioural benefits, with the option to switch to the rear clip at any time to use as standard dog walking harness. You can also train your dog to a point where the front clip option is no longer necessary, at which point you can switch to the rear D-ring without having to purchase another harness.     

Choose the X-Link Harness for more control over your dog. Once your dog is under control, you can both look forward to more enjoyable and comfortable dog walks.


When using a front attaching dog harness, the leash attaches to the front D-ring right on your dog's chest area, which encourages the dog to walk by your side. Should your dog pull on the leash, they will pivot around towards you rather than pulling forward on the leash.

A front attaching dog harness also provides more control over a standard harness or collar, as it controls the shoulders and chest area. The front D-ring on the X-Link harness allows the leash attachment point to be closer to the dog's centre of gravity, allowing you better control. More control equals more confidence when walking your dog. 

Best of all, a front attaching dog harness is a humane training method that won't be associated with pain and unlikely to cause negative associations.

Please note: Here at EzyDog, we believe the right equipment can really make a difference in helping dog owners enjoy more comfortable walks. But we always recommend to use any dog training device in conjunction with an approved training regime that's been personalised to your dog.  


The X-Link Harness is a padded dog harness made for comfort and ease of use. The dual SR buckles ensures the harness can be taken on/off with minimal fuss. Your dog's comfort is also covered, with a hidden elastic girth strap to help ease the pressure on the belly and allowing room for growth. The generous amount of length adjustment in the webbing means there will be a size to fit any large, medium or small dog or puppy.     

The D-Ring attachment points are made from Stainless Steel that'll never rust or let you down. We've even designed the D-rings to be arched, allowing you to quickly connect or disconnect the snap clip of your leash.

For night time safety, the rear of the harness has an additional loop for attaching a dog light and reflective piping is used throughout.      


  • Front and rear leash attachment points.
  • Ergonomic arched D-Rings.
  • Elastic girth strap to ease pressure on belly.
  • Light accessory attachment point.
  • Easy to take on/off with Dual SR buckles. 
  • Reflective piping for night time safety.
  • Lots of webbing adjustment to fit any dog size.


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