Chuckit Erratic Balls - 2 pack

Chuckit Erratic Balls - 2 pack

Chuckit Erratic Balls - 2 pack

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Chuckit Erratic Ball 2 Pack: Taking Fetch to the Next Level!

Tired of lackluster throws during your dog's playtime? Meet the Chuckit Erratic Ball 2 Pack, a game-changer in the world of fetch. Here's why you and your furry friend will love it:


  1. Designed for Chuckit Ball Launchers: Chuckit Ball Launchers take fetch to a whole new level. With a simple toss, these launchers send the ball flying much farther than your average throw. Your dog gets a good workout, and you save your arm from strain.

  2. Durable Natural Rubber: The Erratic Balls are crafted from durable natural rubber, ensuring they can withstand the enthusiasm of even the most energetic dogs. This material is not only tough but also provides a satisfying chew for your pup.

  3. Bright and Visible: The vibrant color of the Erratic Balls makes them easy to spot during outdoor play. No more losing the ball in the grass—your dog will see it, and so will you.

  4. Odd Shape for Random Bounce: What makes these balls truly exciting is their erratic shape. They bounce unpredictably, adding an element of surprise to every game of fetch. Your dog will stay engaged, chasing the ball with enthusiasm.

  5. Pack of Two: The Chuckit Erratic Ball set comes with two balls, ensuring you have a spare for those inevitable moments when one mysteriously disappears or gets a little too much love.

Size Guide:

Medium: 6cm - This size is suitable for most Chuckit Ball Launchers, providing a versatile option for dogs of various breeds and sizes.

Say goodbye to underwhelming fetch sessions and hello to a more engaging and active playtime with the Chuckit Erratic Ball 2 Pack. Whether your dog loves a classic game of fetch or just enjoys a good chew, these balls are designed to deliver hours of entertainment. Shop now at Pupnpussy Pet store.

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