Ziwi Peak Dog Food Gently Air Dried - Chicken

Ziwi Peak Dog Food Gently Air Dried - Chicken

Ziwi Peak Dog Food Gently Air Dried - Chicken

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ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Free-Range Chicken Recipe for Dogs: Exceptional Nutrition from New Zealand's Pastures

ZIWI Peak brings you a wholesome and delicious option for your dog with their Air-Dried Free-Range Chicken Recipe for Dogs. Unlike conventional dry foods that are mass-produced and cooked at high temperatures, ZIWI Peak's food is handcrafted and gently air-dried, preserving the goodness of raw ingredients without the need for artificial preservatives. Here's why this recipe stands out:

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Premium New Zealand Ingredients: ZIWI Peak takes pride in sourcing free-range and ethically raised chicken from New Zealand. The chickens have ample room to explore and forage in New Zealand's lush pastures, ensuring a higher quality of meat.

  • Air-Dried to Perfection: ZIWI Peak uses their innovative air-drying process to gently remove moisture from the ingredients while preserving their nutritional value. This results in a convenient and shelf-stable food that retains the natural flavors and nutrients dogs love.

  • All-Natural Goodness: This recipe is all about providing the best nutrition for your dog. It contains a combination of meat, organs, and New Zealand green mussels, delivering a complete and balanced source of essential nutrients for overall health.

  • No Antibiotics or Growth Promotants: ZIWI Peak is committed to using only the finest ingredients. Their free-range chicken is raised without antibiotics or growth promotants.

  • Grain-Free: ZIWI Peak's Air-Dried Free-Range Chicken Recipe is free from grains, sugars, or glycerins, making it suitable for dogs with dietary sensitivities.

  • Suitable for All Life Stages: Whether you have a playful puppy or a senior dog, this recipe is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of dogs at all life stages.

  • Convenient and Ready to Serve: ZIWI Peak's air-dried food is incredibly convenient. It's ready to serve straight from the bag, simplifying mealtime for pet parents.

ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Free-Range Chicken Recipe for Dogs is a testament to their commitment to providing dogs with the highest quality nutrition. It's a recipe that both you and your dog can feel good about. Give your dog a taste of New Zealand's finest with ZIWI Peak. Shop now at Pupnpussy Pet store.

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