All Natural Gourmet Treats - Kangaroo Ribs 100g

All Natural Gourmet Treats - Kangaroo Ribs 100g

All Natural Gourmet Treats - Kangaroo Ribs 100g

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Discover the Natural Goodness of Kangaroo Spare Ribs Dog Treats

We are excited to introduce our Kangaroo Spare Ribs Dog Treats. These treats offer your furry friend a tasty and nutritious option, featuring 100% Australian Kangaroo with no preservatives or additives.

Key Features:

  • Lean and Nutritious: Kangaroo meat is renowned for its leanness and nutrition. These spare ribs are an excellent source of protein and iron, ensuring your dog receives vital nutrients while enjoying a tasty treat.

  • Dental Health: These spare ribs serve as a fantastic dental treat. As your dog chews on the meat and bone, it helps dislodge leftover food, remove plaque, and prevent tartar buildup. This promotes good dental health and keeps your dog's teeth and gums in excellent condition.

  • Naturally Dried: Unlike cooked bones that can become brittle and pose a risk, our spare ribs are naturally dried. This process maintains the bone's integrity, preventing it from splintering and causing harm to your dog.

  • Quality Processing: Our Kangaroo Spare Ribs are proudly processed in Queensland, Australia. We prioritize quality and ensure that our products meet the highest standards.

These Kangaroo Spare Ribs are the lower-fat alternative to our popular beef spare ribs, making them a fantastic option for medium-sized dogs and smaller dogs that enjoy a good chew. They not only offer a delicious treat but also support your dog's dental and overall health.

Treat your dog to the natural goodness of Australian Kangaroo. Say goodbye to additives and preservatives, and help maintain your pet's dental health with these quality spare ribs. Your dog's teeth, gums, and taste buds will thank you. hop now at Pupnpussy Pet Store.


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