About Us & Our Companions

Our Urban Pets.
Our Companions.  Our Comedians.  Our Healers.


It's what we love about our city. It's more than a city. It's our city of villages. 

And in every village, you'll find our urban pets...our loyal friends...our constant companions.

Our pets connect us. They charm us with their humour and energy. Suddenly, our village is a friendlier place.

Now they are slowly claiming new corners of our city as their own; our workplaces, high-rise apartments, bars, cafes, and transport. We love it!

And we love them! Our urban pets; our companions, our comedians, our healers. 


Our mission is to bring to our urban companions...
innovation, simplicity, design and fun...
to help us thrive together...
with premium pet nutrition, everyday essentials and the best in design from Australia and around the world.
In store. Online.