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Feline Food Issues? 'Whiker Fatigue' May Be the Culprit.

'Moon' was having eating issues, familiar ones to many cat owners: he batted food out of his bowl before he would eat it. Some days he seemed terrified even to approach his feeding dish. Moon’s owner, Cheryl Anne Gardner, did some internet research and found the likely cause: whisker fatigue. “I think it’s just one of those things where people say, ‘Oh, cats are just finicky eaters,’ and everyone thinks it’s a joke,” said Ms. Gardner. Whisker fatigue, a relatively new diagnosis and one that many (but not all) vets take seriously, was the culprit. This article from the New York Times explains.  As you will discover, it's a condition that can be easily addressed for most cats using the right mealtime accessories and...

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Monika's Doggie Rescue Pop-Up-Pup Event

In order to keep our loved ones and friends as healthy as possible, the team at Monika's Doggie Rescue has chosen to cancel this monthly event until further notice. We back their decision 100%. We hope it won't be too long before we can host the fur-kids again! Is there a rescue doggie waiting for you? More than 65 of our K9 visitors have found new homes through this event. Maybe there's a pup waiting for you...or someone you know! Contact Monika's Doggie Rescue and talk to one of the friendly team members about volunteering, fostering and adopting.  

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When Paris Comes to Sydney

  With an unmistakable architectural feel, the Cube from MeYou Paris is made of woven cotton and 100% wool felt set with a natural resin and framed within the elegant lines of a steel cube. Handcrafted in Paris, the Cube is now proudly in-store at PUPNPUSSY. It blends effortlessly into any contemporary interior. See it now in our Surry Hills boutique or click the MeYou Cube image above to see it in our e-Boutique.

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