Traveller Folding Mat

Traveller Folding Mat


The idea behind this product came from a customer coveting a fellow dog trainer’s mat. The mat had handles & could be sandwiched in half to enable it to be carried about.

Snooza loved the idea but wanted its version to be a bit more multi-purpose. The Traveller is padded & reversible - mock suede & mock lambswool. The deep pocket can hold all sorts of carriables when folded and is a place to hide the handles when flat.

It's easy to fold back up again, lightweight & fully washable. In true Snooza fashion, it's practical & stylish enough for almost any outing.

This is another of our products that spent several weeks with our diligent Snooza testers (thanks!), to make sure it absolutely did what we intended.



Tags: sherpa, rug, faux lambs wool suede