Raw Cotton Snuggle Pod - Vintage
Raw Cotton Snuggle Pod - Vintage

Raw Cotton Snuggle Pod - Vintage


100% Unbleached Cotton, pure comfort from Miyow & Barkely.

Two raw cotton styles:

'Amour Pour Toujour' means 'LOVE FOREVER', drawing inspiration from vintage stamps.

'Imbi's Nirvana' draws inspiration from doggie, Noodle Brains, seen playing on a swing. The beautiful array of neutral colours amongst the nirvana of birds, butterflies and tranquility, lends itself to match any decor in your home. 


Now your pooches have the choice of lounging on top, or snuggling up inside! Designed to match any home...throw them on the lounge, bed or floor.

Extremely durable and easy to clean cover. Zipper access. Removable cover for washing. All snuggle pod inserts - a generous pillow of taffeta - now come with a zipper, so you can always add more stuffing for the heavier pups.

For those extra chilly nights on top of the pod, place a wheat pack/hot water bottle inside - a great option for those older dogs with arthritis.

Medium 710mm W X 813mm L X 305mm H
Large 1040mm W X 1040mm L X 360mm H