Raw 76 Cats Vet's All Natural
Raw 76 Cats Vet's All Natural

Raw 76 Cats Vet's All Natural

 Vet's All Natural
by Dr Bruce Syme BSc (Hons)


Raw 76 for Cats and Kittens:
Cats and kittens love our fresh balanced raw meat diet.

Compared to dogs, cats are generally uniform in size and dietary requirements vary little. Requirements of kittens and adult cats are very similar, so there is one formula for all ages.

It contains a natural balance of meat and vegetable matter, rich in taurine, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The meat ratio in the Raw76 Cat/ Kitten variety is higher to match their naturally high carnivorous requirements.

Raw 76 for Cats and Kittens contains:
Kangaroo, tripe, rolled oats, cracked barley, flax seed meal, whole grain oats, vegetables, barley grass, parsley, garlic, kelp, lecithin, brewers yeast, calcium carbonate and vitamin c. Natural source of antioxidants, trace elements, essential fatty acids vitamins, minerals, thiamin and taurine.