Glow Spike Pink Collar

Glow Spike Pink Collar


The Glow in the Dark Spike Pink Collar is a classic.

The Collar is made from a non-toxic rubber so it safe if your dog is a bit of a chewer.

With soft glow in the dark spikes, this is the perfect collar for the dog with attitude.

It's totally waterproof, so you can wash it with ease and your dog can enjoy pools, the beach or just rolling around in the mud.

The collar has a matching Glow Spike Pink leash.

XLarge   55-65cms
long x 3.5cms wide
Large      45-55cms long x 3.0cms wide
Medium  35-45cms long x 2.5cms wide
Small      27-35cms long x 2.0cms wide
Puppy     25-30cms long x 2.0cms wide
Mini Puppy   20-25cms long x 1.3cms wide