Circo Basket Small
Circo Basket Small

Circo Basket Small


The stunning Circo Basket from Sasha and Me is made from 100% sheep wool.  Both small and large baskets, in charcoal grey with accent handles, provide an elegant compliment to any living space.

The Circo is made by a group of women in Nepal.  This concept is based on respect for human dignity, socioeconomic development and the preservation of our environment.

While the Circo is an ideal bed, it also doubles as storage for your companion's toys.

And some design-minded humans buy a second Circo Basket for their magazine collection!

Compliment your Circo Basket with a hand made Circo Cushion, small or large, in a wide range of accent colours!

Size:  Small 50 X 44 X 20cm

To ensure their natural beauty, our pods are handmade, so patterns may differ slightly from bed to bed.

Care:  Gently hand wash with warm water.  Restore its primary shape and air dry on a towel.