Cesto Cat Basket by MiaCara - Black
Cesto Cat Basket by MiaCara - Black

Cesto Cat Basket by MiaCara - Black


"Cesto is a beautiful and functional object which can work both as a soft and welcoming nest for your cat and as a practical organizer in the house."

Hans Thyge & Co, designer

46 cm wide, 12 cm high

From the bottle to the basket. The innovative, sustainable felt fibers of the Cesto basket are made from recycled PET bottles in an environmentally friendly process.

Even the most demanding cat will curl up purring in the timeless Cesto cat basket. The large, round basket made of molded fleece offers your velvet paw plenty of space to relax and gives it a feeling of security. A matching MiaCara cat blanket or the soft Lana faux fur pillow provide even more warmth and comfort.

The multifunctional basket is not only suitable as a cat bed, but also for the attractive storage of cat toys, textiles or magazines. Choose between four subtle colors that can be integrated into any living space.

Cesto is made from a special molded fleece. Most of the fibers used to manufacture the basket are obtained from recycled PET bottles. The sustainable and environmentally friendly material is characterized by high stability and a textured, homely look.

Care and Composition

The Cesto can be cleaned by carefully dabbing any stain with a damp cloth.  Not to be machine washed.  Composed of 100% recycled polyester.