Capello Luxe Blanket by MiaCara - Large

Capello Luxe Blanket by MiaCara - Large


120 x 90 cm

Inspired by the originality of nature, a very unusual dog blanket was created. Not only does your dog feel comfortable on this, but it also sets a special accent with the long-haired faux fur in your living space.

The fluffy long-haired faux fur is intricately sewn to the fabric (the edge is turned down) and is an ideal addition to our dog beds.

MiaCara dog blankets are the ideal place to lie down for your dog at home: whether on the floor, as a plaid for the sofa or as a throw over our dog pillows, sofas and box beds.

The blankets are also ideal for traveling in the car, in a restaurant, with friends or on vacation. So you always have your dog's cuddle area with you.

Design:  MiaCara Design Team

Faux Fur:  87% Acrylic 17% Polyester  
Lining:  100% Polyester

Care:  Warm machine wash, air dry.  Shake before drying.  Dry cleanable.  Do not dry in a clothes dryer.  Between washes, simply shake or brush away loose dirt.