Thirsty Dog Bottle
Thirsty Dog Bottle
Thirsty Dog Bottle
Thirsty Dog Bottle

Thirsty Dog Bottle


Exciting Features


The Thirsty Dog Bottle acts as both the water bowl and the water carrier for whenever you need it in a built-in easy to dispense container and cup.

No more dog bowl and bottle — it’s now all in-one.

No Wastage.

Re-use any water you’re dog doesn't drink — by pressing the large button and slowly tipping the bottle upward - allow’s the water to flow right back in for use next time freely.


Keeping your bottle inside a backpack, handbag or underneath back seat of the car for long periods full of water is now possible. Every Thirsty Dog Bottle has a spring-loaded button and valve making it fully leak free. No more mess!

For all.

The cup is designed to accommodate multiple tongue sizes. Bichon or St Bernard? This BPA-free super bottle can hydrate just about all four legged fur babies.


Our Priority is keeping canines Worldwide healthy and hydrated. Our bottle is BPA-free, lead-free, and made with food-grade ingredients. We’ve cut no corners with manufacturing the worlds best bottle for dogs.


Every Thirsty Dog Bottle is packaged our stunning white craft-paper and cardboard box. Keeping them eco-friendly, and premium. Making them a great gift to yourself or for anyone.