Stay Dry Basket - Grey/Khaki

Stay Dry Basket - Grey/Khaki


The Stay Dry Basket is one of our favourite beds.  The strong sides provide a perfect head rest for the doggie who likes to keep an eye on things.  On cooler nights, the basket provides protection from draft and chill.  In winter, add a fleecy blanket to allow your dog to 'nest'.

The Stay Dry Basket range features a unique fabric that is waterproof, rip-resistant, flea proof and now comes with tough nylon seams to last even longer.

The Stay Dry Basket includes a two-sided removable cushion with fasteners to hold it in position.  One side of the cushion is waterproof and ideal for summer.  The other side, made from soft woolen fleece, is ideal for winter.

Choose the size that best suits:

Small basket 62 L X 45 W X 25 H cm
Medium basket 75 L X 55 W X 28 H cm
Large basket 85 L X 66 W X 31 H cm
Extra Large basket 95 L X 75 W X 34 H cm

Washing Instructions:
The cushion cover and pillow insert can be gently machine washed.  Air dry.  Wipe the waterproof basket with a damp cloth as required.