100% Natural Treat Company - Australian Kangaroo Tail

100% Natural Treat Company - Australian Kangaroo Tail


Our 100% Natural Treats capture the goodness of Australian farms and oceans

1 piece

Our premium Kangaroo Tails are slow dried. Nothing is added...nothing!

This classic Australian chew treat comes to you as a single piece.

Each 100% Natural Treat adds variety to your pet's diet, satisfying his or her innate instinct to discover new foods and flavours.

The taste and texture create the perfect reward for your furry companion, building trust while encouraging good behaviour.

Best of all, our treats stimulate saliva production helping to fight tartar buildup while freshening your pet's breath and improving teeth and gum health.

Feed in conjunction with your pet's daily diet. Always monitor your pet while feeding a treat and provide fresh water at all times.